• 10 teams that consist of players 13 to 15 year old.
  • All players that register and do not tryout, will play in this division.
  • Players that tryout for Division One and are Not drafted also play in this league, but may be called up to play in Division One at any time.
  • Play is competitive but more educational.
  • Teams use a continuous batting order.
  • Games are held throughout the week. Most games are at Watson, Hollis Field and French’s Common near the town hall.


Division DirectorChris Griffinchristopher_griffin1@verizon.net

AnglesNick DiCristofaro, Coachndfaro@gmail.com
AthleticsRobert O'Donnell, Coachrcjnodonnell@comcast.net
CubsJoseph Zanghi, Coachmamazang@verizon.net
Nick Zaniboni, Coachzaniboni23@ymail.com
NationalsBob Cusack, Coachcusackbob@aol.com
OriolesRichard Joyce, Coachrichardjoyce@verizon.net
Rangers Chris Griffin, Coachchristopher_griffin1@verizon.net
Red SoxConnor Bulger,Coachcbulger1@massasoit.edu
RockiesBrendan mcLaughlin, Coachbmclaughlin108@gmail.com
White SoxWill Crockan, Coachcrockanconstruction@beld.net


The master schedule (in Abobe PDF) form can be downloaded here

Game Date Time Visitor vs. Home Field
17-12 Friday 7pm Cubs vs. Rangers Varsity
17-26 Saturday April 15th 10:30am Athletics vs. Giants French's
17-36 Saturday April 15th 12pm Orioles vs. Red Sox Watson
17-67 Saturday April 15th 1:30pm White Sox vs. Nationals French's
17-87 Saturday April 15th 9am Angels vs. Rockies Watson
17-47 Monday April 17th 5pm Red Sox vs. Rockies Watson
17-76 Monday April 17th 5pm Nationals vs. Athletics Hollis
17-05 Tuesday April 18th 5pm Rangers vs. Orioles Watson
17-27 Wednesday April 19th 5pm Giants vs. Cubs Hollis
17-65 Wednesday April 19th 5pm White Sox vs. Angels Watson
17-21 Thursday April 20th 5pm Giants vs. Orioles Watson
17-71 Thursday April 20th 5pm Athletics vs. Cubs Hollis
17-16 Thursday April 27st 5:30pm Nationals vs. Rangers French'sRescheduled
17-38 Friday April 21st 7pm White Sox vs. Red Sox VarsityPostponed
17-88 Friday April 21st 5pm Rockies vs. Angels HollisPostponed
17-23 Saturday April 22nd 12pm Giants vs. White Sox Watson
17-80 Saturday April 22nd 3pm Angels vs. Cubs Watson
17-03 Saturday April 22nd 9am Rangers vs. Red Sox Watson
17-57 Saturday April 22nd 11am Orioles vs. Nationals HollisPostponed
17-77 Saturday April 22nd 2pm Athletics vs. Rockies HollisPostponed
17-28 Monday April 24th 5:15pm Cubs vs. Giants French's
17-78 Monday April 24th 5:15pm Rockies vs. Athletics Watson
17-13 Tuesday April 25th 5:15pm Rangers vs. Angels HollisPostponed
17-49 Tuesday April 25th 5:15pm Orioles vs. White Sox French'sPostponed
17-45 Tuesday April 25th 5:15pm Red Sox vs. Nationals WatsonPostponed
17-72 Wednesday April 26th 5:15pm Cubs vs. Athletics WatsonPostponed
17-30 Thursday April 27th 5:15pm Angels vs. Giants Watson
17-06 Friday April 28th 5:15pm Orioles vs. Rangers Watson
17-37 Friday April 28th 5:15pm Red Sox vs. White Sox French's
17-89 Friday April 28th 7:30pm Nationals vs. Rockies Varsity
17-09 Saturday April 29th 9am Rangers vs. Athletics Watson
17-60 Saturday April 29th 12pm Rockies vs. Orioles Watson
17-31 Saturday April 29th 3pm Giants vs. Nationals Watson
17-44 Saturday April 29th 2pm Angels vs. Red Sox Hollis
17-63 Saturday April 29th 11am White Sox vs. Cubs Hollis
17-01 Monday May 1st 5:30pm Rangers vs. Giants Watson
17-82 Tuesday May 2nd 5:30pm Nationals vs. Cubs French's
17-40 Tuesday May 2nd 5:30pm Athletics vs. Red Sox Watson
17-66 Tuesday May 2nd 5:30pm Angels vs. White Sox Hollis
17-59 Wednesday May 3rd 5:30pm Orioles vs. Rockies Watson
17-04 Thursday May 4th 5:30pm Red Sox vs. Rangers Hollis
17-73 Thursday May 4th 5:30pm Athletics vs. Angels Watson
17-22 Friday May 5th 7:30pm Orioles vs. Giants Varsity
17-64 Friday May 5th 5:30pm Cubs vs. White Sox Watson
17-90 Friday May 5th 5:30pm Rockies vs. Nationals French's
17-18 Saturday May 6th 3pm Rockies vs. Rangers Watson
17-32 Saturday May 6th 11am Nationals vs. Giants Hollis
17-39 Saturday May 6th 12pm Red Sox vs. Athletics Watson
17-79 Saturday May 6th 9am Cubs vs. Angels Watson
17-50 Saturday May 6th 2pm White Sox vs. Orioles Hollis
17-51 Monday May 8th 5:30pm Orioles vs. Athletics Watson
17-86 Tuesday May 9th 5:30pm Nationals vs. Angels Watson
17-11 Tuesday May 9th 5:30pm Rangers vs. Cubs French's
17-24 Tuesday May 9th 5:30pm White Sox vs. Giants Hollis
17-48 Wednesday May 10th 5:30pm Rockies vs. Red Sox Watson
17-33 Thursday May 11th 5:30pm Giants vs. Rockies Watson
17-46 Thursday May 11th 5:30pm Nationals vs. Red Sox JV
17-53 Thursday May 11th 5:30pm Orioles vs. Cubs Hollis
17-08 Friday May 12th 5:30pm White Sox vs. Rangers French's
17-74 Friday May 12th 7pm Angels vs. Athletics Varsity
17-10 Saturday May 13th 3pm Athletics vs. Rangers Watson
17-29 Saturday May 13th 12pm Giants vs. Angels Watson
17-35 Saturday May 13th 9am Red Sox vs. Orioles Watson
17-69 Saturday May 13th 2pm White Sox vs. Rockies Hollis
17-81 Saturday May 13th 11am Cubs vs. Nationals Hollis
17-43 Monday May 15th 5:30pm Red Sox vs. Angels French's
17-52 Monday May 15th 5:30pm Athletics vs. Orioles Watson
17-68 Tuesday May 16th 5:30pm Nationals vs. White Sox French's
17-83 Tuesday May 16th 5:30pm Cubs vs. Rockies Watson
17-02 Wednesday May 17th 5:30pm Giants vs. Rangers Watson
17-56 Thursday May 18th 5:30pm Angels vs. Orioles Watson
17-61 Thursday May 18th 5:30pm White Sox vs. Athletics Hollis
17-15 Friday May 19th 5:30pm Rangers vs. Nationals French's
17-34 Friday May 19th 5:30pm Rockies vs. Giants Hollis
17-42 Friday May 19th 5:30pm Cubs vs. Red Sox Watson
17-17 Saturday May 20th 9am Rangers vs. Rockies Watson
17-20 Saturday May 20th 12pm Red Sox vs. Giants Watson
17-54 Saturday May 20th 2pm Cubs vs. Orioles Hollis
17-62 Saturday May 20th 3pm Athletics vs. White Sox Watson
17-85 Saturday May 20th 11am Angels vs. Nationals Hollis
17-19 Monday May 22nd 5:30pm Giants vs. Red Sox Watson
17-55 Monday May 22nd 5:30pm Orioles vs. Angels Hollis
17-84 Monday May 22nd 5:30pm Rockies vs. Cubs French's
17-07 Tuesday May 23rd 5:30pm Rangers vs. White Sox Watson
17-75 Tuesday May 23rd 5:30pm Athletics vs. Nationals French's
17-70 Wednesday May 24th 5:30pm Rockies vs. White Sox Watson
17-41 Wednesday May 24th 5:30pm Red Sox vs. Cubs French's
17-58 Thursday May 25th 5:30pm Nationals vs. Orioles Watson
17-14 Friday May 26th 5:30pm Angels vs. Rangers French's
17-25 Friday May 26th 5:30pm Giants vs. Athletics Watson