Braintree Babe Ruth Pitch Count Chart & Info

Starting Spring of 2017, Braintree Babe Ruth will be using the "pitching count" method as opposed to the commonly used "innings pitched" as a monitor for the Pitchers health and well-being through the season.   Pitchers willl be monitored by both teams and must take the rest needed based on thier pitching total  during a given day.


PitchesDays' rest needed

*Pitcher can finish present batter over the maximum
*The "day rest" starts the day after pitching (12:00AM)

During the game

Inform the umpire about Braintree’s new pitch count rule during ground rule discussions.
Each team is required to keep their own pitch count for pitchers. 
Pitch counts should be exchanged between teams and keep as record in the play book.

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