Spring Baseball

Division One

When: September, the weekend after Labor Day
Where:  French’s Common Field, next to Braintree Town Hall.
Who: Anyone age 13 to 15 Born prior to May 1st 2004 and on or after May 1st 2001 is
welcome to tryout.
Workout dates: Designed to prepare incoming player for the larger field are strongly recommended .   Tuesday—Friday, September 6th - 9th from 5:30 PM to 7:00PM.  Workouts are optional.
Registration: all players must be registered online to attend workouts/Tryouts.

Division Two

Registration starts in September and finalize in March.  Early registration are welcome, after November, a later fee is added to the cost.

Summer Baseball

Division One: Players are selected to Tournament player by the coaches and staff.

Division Two: All players are eligibile to summer in summer leagues.  Please pay attention to registration and sign-up end dates,  (very importport)