2021 Babe Ruth Tryout Information             TryoutSlotList

Tryouts for the 2021 season will be held at the following dates:

 Date                                              Time Slot
1- Saturday - September 19th        9 AM
2- Saturday - September 19th        1 PM
3- Sunday  - September 20            9 AM

You only need to attend one tryout slot to be considered for Division One!
Tryouts are held at Prout Field (French's Common) next to the Town Hall

Tryouts workout days  (held 5:30  to 7:00 PM at Frenchs Common Field)

Monday  - September 14th
Wednesday  - September 16th
Friday  - September 18th

Time: 5:30PM  to 7:00 PM
Location: Prout Field (French's Common)

Tryouts will be held under all Phase 3 Guidelines.

Parent and Guardian involvement

In order for your child to Tryout - Parents and/or Guardian's must do three things:

1.) Register for Babe Babe Ruth Baseball
        - After registration, the website will email you a receipt.
        - Print out the receipt and have ready to hand in at the first warmup day or your tryout.
        - If you child is age 12, you may have difficulties registering due to the system age restrictions.
            If this happens, contact our secretary at 
secretary@braintreebaberuth.org or 617-840-3211 (evenings)
        - Having a printed receipt is mandatory to participate in warm-ups or the tryout.
Click here to go to our registration website

2.) Download the COVID Waiver
- Download, print read the Babe Ruth Baseball official waiver form for your child.
            Note: families need a waiver for each child in the program.
Sign the waiver - A parent and/or Guardian must sign this form (child signatures are not allowed)
        - Have the wavier ready to be handed in at the first warmup day or your tryout.
Having a printed and signed waiver is mandatory to participate in warm-ups or the tryout.
Click here to download the BBR Waiver form

3.) Download the tryout slot request form.
Due to COVID, there is no sign sheet for tryout slots this year.
            Instead, a form has been created for you to make your selection and hand in
Print out the form and make your selection of one of the three tryout slots.
        - Only one slot is needed to be considered.
        - Have the form to hand in at the first warmup day.
Tryout forms must be handed in at one of the warmup days regardless if the child chooses to warm-up.
Click here to download the BBR Tryout request form

4.) Download State Guidelines for playing baseball during this pandemic  (Optional)
        Download (Print optional) and read the complete guidelines as submitted by Braintree Babe Ruth to the Town.
        - All guidelines must be followed. 
        - Please take to the time to make sure your child understands these guidelines as well.
Click here to download the BBR Guidelines

Rules and Conduct during Tryout Days:
Social distancing
and face coverings will be followed at all times.
    - Parents and Guardians will not be allowed on the field at any time.
    - Sadly use the viewing stands will be allowed as they will be used  during the tryout
    - Crowds will be monitored and asked to disperse.

    Please help us adhere to the guideline we agreed to with both the Town and State.

Please email our Registrar Glenn at secretary@braintreebaberuth.org or call 617-840-3211

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for our youth to have fun, learn, experience and achieve in the game of baseball. Braintree Babe Ruth Baseball emphasizes the basic ideals of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for the rules of the game among players, parents, coaches and all other event participants.

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